It cannot be denied that crossbow hunting is dominated by men, but in recent years the number of women and kids who got into this sport shows a significant increment. Many men bring along their spouse and kids to enjoy the hunting season. If you are planning to bring along your spouse and children to enjoy the next hunting season, be sure to equip them with a quality crossbow that is suitable for them.

The Horton Brotherhood crossbow is a good choice because this crossbow is aimed for all skill levels and all ages. Having a draw weight of 160 lbs, the shooting speed of this crossbow can reach up to 300 fps, a shooting speed that can satisfy any hunters from beginner to experienced level. Although the performance of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is higher than all entry-level crossbows in market, it is still safe for your spouse and children  and they will be able to use it comfortably even though it may be the first time they shoot with a crossbow. Anti-dry-fire mechanism, overmolded cheek rest, and recoil damping riser inserts make sure that you, your spouse or your kid are safe when using it.

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Horton Brotherhood Crossbow – Key Features

  • - MIM Talon Trigger                                                                                                                               
  • - Interchangeable recoil pad
  • - Customized pull length
  • - Recoil damping riser inserts
  • - Extended sight bridge
  • - Overmolded cheek rest
  • - High performance synthetic cable and string
  • - Anti dry-fire mechanism for safe shooting


 What I liked

There are many features of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow that deserve to get positive credits. The first is the assembly instructions. The instructions are very easy to follow and there is almost no room for error for beginners to put together all the parts.

The Horton Brotherhood crossbow has an ergonomic thumbhole design and good weight distribution, which are very important for an archery session or crossbow hunting. The use of overmolded cheek rest and extended sight bridge gives extra comfort for all users when using this crossbow. The included sight, which is a 4×32 Multi-A-Range Scope, works great but if you want to change it with a higher quality sight, the extended sight bridge allows you to easily put any quality sight on it.

Since the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is intended for all skill levels, the 300 fps shooting speed is very satisfactory. The shooting accuracy is great. As long as you have the skill, you will be able to shoot right on your target regardless of whether you shoot your target from 25, 40 or even 50 yards. The use of precision die cast riser inserts and talon ultra-light trigger also contributes to the brotherhood’s high level of shooting accuracy.

To make sure that the power generated bis y the Horton Brotherhood crossbow does not produce lots of noise, Horton equipped it with high-performance string and recoil damping riser inserts, features that you can find in other medium and high-end Horton crossbows. And in terms of safety, the presence of anti dry-fire mechanism and dual-sided safety gives you assurance that your spouse or kid safe when using it.

What I didn’t like

The only downside about the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is that Horton does not include cocking device, wax and lube in the package. All these items are very important to make the crossbow lasts longer. So to make sure that the brotherhood crossbow has better durability, you have to invest an additional $50 to get all these additional items.

Overall Thoughts

Apart from the $50 additional investment, the brotherhood is still a good deal. High safety level, high shooting accuracy, 300 fps shooting speed, and quality materials of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow are more than enough to satisfy any crossbow hunters, including you, your spouse and your child.

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 Other Review

Horton brotherhood crossbow is nice and accurate. I’m not replacing my bow yet, but the crossbow is what you’d expect from Horton. Directions leave a little room for error for crossbow beginners, but had it on target in less than an hour from box.







If you think the time to leave your entry level crossbow has come and you need a tougher, good-looking and higher-performance crossbow for the next hunting season or a serious archery session, the Horton Bone Collector crossbow deserves to be your next crossbow. The Horton bone collector crossbow is among the newest Horton crossbows, which have modern design, exceptional speed, high accuracy and superb durability. With a draw weight of 175 pounds, this crossbow is able to produce a velocity up to 325fps, which makes the Horton Bone Collector be the fastest crossbow in medium level. Hunting deer, turkey or even small bear will become easier with this bone collector crossbow.

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Key Features

  • - Aluminum barrel that is equipped with precision die-cast riser
  • - High-performance synthetic cable and string
  • - A 4×32 multi-a-range sight
  • - Adjustable fore-end, cheek rest and over-molded rubber stock
  • - MIM talon trigger
  • - Ambidextrous safety
  • - Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • - Adjustable pull length (13 to 14 inches)
  • - Recoil damping riser inserts to reduce vibration and noise
  • - 3 years limited warranty

What I Liked

The Horton Bone Collector has a beautiful, ergonomic design that makes it one of the good-looking crossbows in market. Horton equipped it with a cheek rest, over-molded rubber stock and adjustable fore-end to ensure that you get the highest comfort every time you use it. Weighing about 8.5 pounds, you do not have to spend lots of energy to bring this crossbow when hunting down your target.

The Horton Bone Collector crossbow is perhaps the king in the medium level with its unbeatable speed. The bullpup design helps in increasing the powerstroke of this crossbow while maintaining a smooth shot. The highly effective cams and limbs are among major factors that make this crossbow able to reach a maximum speed of 325 fps. With this kind of speed, you will be able to bring down deer, turkey, doe, antelope or other animals very easily.

Safety should always become a primary concern when buying any kind of crossbow. The good thing is that all Horton crossbows are very safe, including the Horton Bone Collector Crossbow. To make sure that the bone collector’s exceptional speed does not raise any safety issue, Horton equipped it with anti dry-fire mechanism, ambidextrous safety and talon trigger.

Noise is a common problem when it comes to medium and high-end crossbows. To reduce the level of vibration and noise, the Horton Bone Collector is equipped with a recoil-damping riser inserts. Besides making the shot smoother, this feature also functions to increase the shooting accuracy of this crossbow.

 What I Didn’t Like

Although the bone collector crossbow has lots of impressive features, still it is not a perfect product. Cocking this device is actually easy but  noticed a small hump on the rail system, it did not seem to affect the flight of the arrows.  You  may have to buy a cocking rope for easier and safer cocking. Besides the cocking problem, there could be a better  quality  arrows. Since the horton bone collector crossbow indeed has an exceptional speed, investing some  money on high-quality arrows seems a good idea to get the most benefits of this crossbow.

 Overall Thoughts

There are lots of choices in medium class crossbow but the bone collector is the winner. Good looking, high-performance string and cable, extreme speed, smooth shot and high level of safety are just some of the reasons why the Horton bone collector crossbow deserves to be your next crossbow.

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 Other  Reviews

I got this bow on friday and shot it with an hour of getting it in my hands, put 3 shots down range at about 20-25 yards, Grouping side by side about half an inch from bullseye, RIGHT FROM THE BOX! Pretty easy to cock back without the cock device, would say if your old or maybe buying this for a younger kid, invest in the cocking rope. Takes some getting use to in the hand placement the handle is a bit ackward at first, but easily overcame that. The only cons to the bow is the scope mounts and the mounting rail. After about a minutes the issue was fixed tho. It doesnt seem to get a good grip on the rail from underneath because they did design a lip for extra grip. After first 3 shots it came loose, But as stated easy fix and probably completely a error from my end. You cant really beat the place and at 325 feet per second this bow will give good deep impact shots no matter the game. You dont need to be a body builder to hold it for everything this bow provides its relatively light.

Pros: easy to cock, shoots hard and fast, Not very loud ( I have no extra’s add to control sound), Great design, easy to hold in the hand, Built like a rock,looks great, Easy to assemble, Shots true right from the box( atleast for me away) Im 6’6 Im tall and the adjustable hand grip in very nice gives you arm room.

Cons: Hairy scope mounting ( again could of just been me) Hand grip does take some getting use to.

All and ALL this bow is a 9.7 out of 10. I few extremely small things I would change but nothing, That would keep me from buying this bow. Plus horton is  American made!


I hunted the white tails in our area last year, borrowing a friend’s older Horton crossbow to do so. This year I’ve purchased this newer model and love it. With advice from my friend, I bought Horton’s cocking rope at the same time. I highly recommend getting a cocking rope to cock the crossbow.

The crossbow trigger breaks very crisp and doesn’t require a lot of pressure to fire. It’s not a hair trigger either, but a nice balance in between. I would compare this trigger to a fine rifle trigger.

On the negative side the trigger mechanism seems to be quite loud. Both it and the new safety are louder to operate than I would have liked. They may quiet down with some use. As loud as the trigger noise is, I doubt that I’ll get a second shot at a deer.

The arrows fire hard enough that you will notice a minor ‘kick’, so don’t get too close the scope eyepiece. The accuracy is amazing. I had to shoot a different spot on the target each time to avoid a ‘robinhood’. The arrows hit with a lot of force and I cannot wait to try them out on turkey and deer.

Overall, I rated this five stars in spite of the trigger noise, expecting that will soften as I break it in.


After having the horton bone collector for awhile now I will update my review. The bow Shoots like a ton of bricks, Easily will break ribs and shoulders given you hit the shoulder.

I can shoot almost clean open of the other side of my block target and have a few times from 30 yards out, Not doubt whatever you hit is going to die depending on the shot you make.

The things I had a issue with is that the trigger has a lot of wiggle room with I will be getting checked into, Second the butt pad kicks down a inch or two something for whatever reason.

I stated earlier that it was hard to choke but after 15 to 20 shots at such a heavy weight the hit starts to wear on your fingers, So either wear gloves or invest in the choking rope, Ive notice a small hump in the rail system, I dont know for sure whether its my eyes tricking me or it really there, bow shoots true tho.

So thing to consider, Get the cocking rope, Make sure its good and lubed up, Buy carbon  arrows , broke a cinder block with it carbon express and it didnt break or damage the arrow, Infact killed a 140 pound doe with that very arrow. New rating for the bow a 9.2 out of 10 the small things are over shadowed by the shot force and acceracy. Im a big time bow hunter and Have killed a great number of deer with a bow and hope to add numbers with the horton this fall. GREAT BOW FOR EVERYONE , NEW HUNTERS OR OLD WARRIORS


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If you are ready to leave your beginner level and reach the intermediate level, the Horton Vision 175 crossbow is a good choice to accompany you in the new level. Built similar to its big brother, the Horton Recon 175, the  Horton Vision 175 Crossbow comes with exclusive technologies such as CNC machined wheels, limb with reverse draw design, and Frontal String Technology.

Unlike other crossbows that are quite noisy and front-end heavy, the Horton Vision 175 Crossbow is lightweight, well-balanced and very quiet. If compared to other competitors in its class, the performance and technologies of the Horton Vision 175 crossbow  have made this crossbow to be the most compact crossbow with the best performance.

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 Key Features

  • - The limb has a Reverse Draw design that provides better stealth, balance and speed.
  • - CNC machined wheels added with dual ball bearings
  • - Ambidextrous MonteCarlo cheek piece that gives you maximum comfort
  • - CNC machined riser that is equipped with cocking rope groove
  • - Frontal String Technology
  • - It uses Talon ultra-light trigger
  • - Dual-sided safety
  • - 4×32 Multi-a-Range scope

 What I liked

The Horton Vision 175 crossbow comes with lots of impressive features. It possesses most of the features of the famous Horton Recon 175, but not the price. So if you adore the Horton Recon 175 but you cannot stand the price, the Vision 175 is a good alternative.

Horton equipped it with Frontal String Technology that makes sure you get optimal balance from this crossbow. The compact design of the horton vision 175 crossbow also makes sure that you can feel fit with it and you can easily maneuver in tight situations.

Another great feature of this crossbow is its safety mechanism. The processes from cocking aid to depositing string in the trigger housing are very safe so injury is highly minimized.

Unlike other crossbows in the same class, the Horton Vision 175 Crossbow has lower vibration every time it is shot. Horton applied an opposing limb configuration that makes this crossbow has a very low vibration level, lower noise level, higher accuracy and reduced wear on components.

In terms of shooting speed and accuracy, Horton has equipped this crossbow with CNC machined wheels. This feature makes it able to reach a maximum shooting speed of 325 fps. While the oversized forearm and Monte Carlo cheek piece contribute to the increased shooting accuracy and stability of this crossbow.

Moving from one place to another to hunt animals is very common in crossbow hunting and having a crossbow that eases you to move around is very important. Just use a sling and you can bring the Horton Vision 175 crossbow to maneuver through bushes.

 What I didn’t like

Although the HortonVision 175 Crossbow comes with many great features, there are several areas that need some improvements. For example, the scope is not user friendly if compared to the scope possessed by its competitors. The quiver also needs to be improved because this Horton crossbow falls within price range that deserves better quiver.

 Overall thoughts

All in all, the Horton Vision 175 is a complete crossbow with top quality features that won’t make a big hole in your bank account. With its shooting speed, quiet operation, superb performance and beautiful design, buying the Horton Vision 175 crossbow can be your next wisest investment in crossbow hunting.


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 Other Reviews

One thing I have learned before buying this crossbow…. no matter what crossbow you look at, you will find a negative rating on the web somewhere. You are not going to find a crossbow without a negative rating somewhere on the web, impossible. I did about 5 months of research and 1 month of shooting at a few shops in my area (central PA) before ordering this from Amazon. The Horton Vision 175 Crossbow is the best balanced and most functional crossbow. It is very small once “armed” (not using the other word). The reverse limb design is awesome, a lot of people see it and it just looks mean. It is not the fastest shooting crossbow on the market, but it shouldn’t be all about FPS anyway. A lot of manufacturers lie about their FPS just to get a sale. This bow is solid, accurate, and deadly. Out of the box, I hit a 3″ pattern at 50 yards. Yes, 50 yards on the low crosshair (there are 5 in the scope). Keep your string waxed and your rail lubed, and this will last forever. Good luck.


Used the Horton Vision 175 Crossbow  this past fall 2009 hunting deer and had excellent results. Crossbow is very accurate, shot three deer, no problem. Crossbow is compact, easy to carry with a sling and maneuver in the brush or from treestand. PLENTY OF POWER! Bolt passed through critters like hot knife through butter. Fantastic crossbow! Half the price of competitive models but shoots like it is very expensive. Fun for my family and friends to shoot bulls-eyes on my basement indoor range. I’m extremely impressed and HAPPY!!Try it and you will be pleased…guaranteed!!


My husband says that this is the best crossbow on the market and he can hardly wait for hunting season!!!

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