It cannot be denied that crossbow hunting is dominated by men, but in recent years the number of women and kids who got into this sport shows a significant increment. Many men bring along their spouse and kids to enjoy the hunting season. If you are planning to bring along your spouse and children to enjoy the next hunting season, be sure to equip them with a quality crossbow that is suitable for them.

The Horton Brotherhood crossbow is a good choice because this crossbow is aimed for all skill levels and all ages. Having a draw weight of 160 lbs, the shooting speed of this crossbow can reach up to 300 fps, a shooting speed that can satisfy any hunters from beginner to experienced level. Although the performance of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is higher than all entry-level crossbows in market, it is still safe for your spouse and children  and they will be able to use it comfortably even though it may be the first time they shoot with a crossbow. Anti-dry-fire mechanism, overmolded cheek rest, and recoil damping riser inserts make sure that you, your spouse or your kid are safe when using it.

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Horton Brotherhood Crossbow – Key Features

  • - MIM Talon Trigger                                                                                                                               
  • - Interchangeable recoil pad
  • - Customized pull length
  • - Recoil damping riser inserts
  • - Extended sight bridge
  • - Overmolded cheek rest
  • - High performance synthetic cable and string
  • - Anti dry-fire mechanism for safe shooting


 What I liked

There are many features of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow that deserve to get positive credits. The first is the assembly instructions. The instructions are very easy to follow and there is almost no room for error for beginners to put together all the parts.

The Horton Brotherhood crossbow has an ergonomic thumbhole design and good weight distribution, which are very important for an archery session or crossbow hunting. The use of overmolded cheek rest and extended sight bridge gives extra comfort for all users when using this crossbow. The included sight, which is a 4×32 Multi-A-Range Scope, works great but if you want to change it with a higher quality sight, the extended sight bridge allows you to easily put any quality sight on it.

Since the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is intended for all skill levels, the 300 fps shooting speed is very satisfactory. The shooting accuracy is great. As long as you have the skill, you will be able to shoot right on your target regardless of whether you shoot your target from 25, 40 or even 50 yards. The use of precision die cast riser inserts and talon ultra-light trigger also contributes to the brotherhood’s high level of shooting accuracy.

To make sure that the power generated bis y the Horton Brotherhood crossbow does not produce lots of noise, Horton equipped it with high-performance string and recoil damping riser inserts, features that you can find in other medium and high-end Horton crossbows. And in terms of safety, the presence of anti dry-fire mechanism and dual-sided safety gives you assurance that your spouse or kid safe when using it.

What I didn’t like

The only downside about the Horton Brotherhood crossbow is that Horton does not include cocking device, wax and lube in the package. All these items are very important to make the crossbow lasts longer. So to make sure that the brotherhood crossbow has better durability, you have to invest an additional $50 to get all these additional items.

Overall Thoughts

Apart from the $50 additional investment, the brotherhood is still a good deal. High safety level, high shooting accuracy, 300 fps shooting speed, and quality materials of the Horton Brotherhood crossbow are more than enough to satisfy any crossbow hunters, including you, your spouse and your child.

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 Other Review

Horton brotherhood crossbow is nice and accurate. I’m not replacing my bow yet, but the crossbow is what you’d expect from Horton. Directions leave a little room for error for crossbow beginners, but had it on target in less than an hour from box.







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